Some days just aren't made for Riding Motorcycles

The Saturday morning ride to Pine Island, Florida  turned out to be somewhat of a washout. The ride from Big Mac's over the skyway was just fine, however as the group headed further south towards Ellington the skies opened up.  Although a quick stop under an overpass provided us enough shelter to put on our rain gear this effort seemed somewhat fruitless as most of us found ourselves soaked thorough and through . We proceeded a little further but the rain was so intense we pulled over under a shelter of a fuel station and waited for the rain to subside, and waited and waited and waited... for over two hours.

S7300036.JPG (1852788 bytes)

But not to let a little (?) rain dampen our plans, it was off to the wing house - in the rain of course.

S7300046.JPG (1845004 bytes)

S7300044.JPG (1849676 bytes)

Oh well, it was fun to share the experience with other chapter members.

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