The FL1-A2  Lake Talquin Rally

     Ten bikes/trikes from our chapter headed out on Friday. February 22nd for FL1-A2's Rally being held at Lake Talquin, which is just slightly southwest of Tallahassee. Although the weather forecast for the weekend was predicted not to be too great, our daring members decided not to pass up the opportunity for a weekend ride.
     At 9 AM the riders headed northward up the west coast. There was a slight overcast, but most of the clouds seemed to be inland and to the east of our route.  A little after noontime and after taking time for a few needed drain and fill stops along our northward route, we stopped to have a quick bite of lunch in Perry.
     Upon exiting the restaurant, we decided that the weather to the southwest and in the direction we would be taking looked a little more threatening and the clouds were now getting much darker. It was time to don our rain gear and hope that doing so would scare those clouds away. Well, I guess it worked pretty well, because as we rode westward along Rts. 98 and 267 we encountered only a sprinkle or two of rain, even though some of the areas that we passed had quite a bit of standing water along the roadway. 
    At about 3:30 PM we reached the rally site and found that many of the other riders from other areas around the state were running late because of the weather conditions.  We parked our bikes and covered them before walking around to meet our hosts.  As we entered the main pavilion the sprinkle rapidly turned to a torrential downpour. Some of the wind gusts blew the rain almost horizontally.
gettingwet18gettting wet 13

     As the rain subsided, we decided that it was time to head for our lodging and unwind for the evening. Did I say subsided ? Let's just say it wasn't flooding everything...yet. Upon reaching the motel, we unloaded our luggage and gathered in the lounge area to determine what to do about getting our dinner.  It didn't take any persuading to decide that ordering from the local pizza establishment was the best alternative.  We were for the most part dry, but looking out the windows instantly brought visions that we would need boats, not motorcycles, to reach any eating establishments. The motel administrative staff was very nice and permitted us to use the lounge area to eat the food that we had delivered to the motel.
     The next morning we awakened to some light fog, but not enough to generate much concern.  After eating breakfast at the motel, we headed back to the Rally site and found that we had made it in time for the rally ride that we had been looking forward to.  At around 10 AM the ride got under way and we headed out northward across the Georgia State line.  For more than two hours we motored down hilly rural country back roads.  It was a very enjoyable ride, with a few stops along the way. 

      What a difference twenty four hours makes.  When we got back to the rally site the weather was nearly perfect, clear and cool.  The place had become very crowded.  The vendors were now open and we made our rounds to see what needed to be purchased.
     Around 4 PM, the closing ceremonies started and the normal introductions were made. Following the introductions, prizes were given out.  Our members did very well, as one of our members won a pair of tires and our chapter won largest chapter represented.  We had 19 members and ten bikes.
     Following the rally we decided that we still had enough time for a ride of our own, so Buzz headed us towards Tallahassee to see the Capitol building and the downtown area.  Wait !  En route we decided to pull into a Cracker Barrel for dinner.  Everyone enjoyed the food and the girls really liked it because there was a sidewalk sale with a 80% off all the items.  Needless to say, Jerry and Nancy's sidecar was just right for storing all those items, and it was really packed. As the sun set we toured the downtown area and rode by the Capitol building.  I guess the locals thought we were having a "lighted bike" parade and we got lots of cheers, clapping, and horns honking as we passed by. It was dark by the time that we returned to the motel.  Some members headed for the lounge area where they played a few games, while other headed for their rooms and just kicked back and relaxed. It turned out to be a great day!
     Sunday morning we gathered in the hotel lobby and decided that we would head for home at about 9 A.M.  As we were packing our goodies in our bikes and trailers we noticed an unusual amount of activity over at Jack and Janet's trike.  Instead of loading items they were unloading their items and were making numerous trips to the hotel room.  It seems that were was a problem with locating their keys.  Checking and rechecking the items revealed no hint of the keys.  Jack hinted that they may be in the trunk. But Jack, isn't it locked ?  Yep, seems it is and without the keys it couldn't be opened!  Of course the the obvious remedy was using the spare key.... right.  Well yes,  but the spare key was in Janet's purse.  And it was in the trunk, right ?  No, it was at home.   We tried all our keys and that didn't work.  We even removed some of the trim work hoping to find a hidden release.  No such luck. Well, then we called Rescue Plus requesting their aid.  After locating their phone number, we found that they don't provide a locksmith service to unlock luggage compartments !  Next comes AAA.   But, they cannot find Jack and Janet's account number.  Janet finally locates a locksmith located in Tallahassee that will assist them. 
lockedout1  lockedout2

     It's now 11 AM and we're on our way home.  The weather is picture perfect and this day was made for riding a bike.  Just north of Chiefland, we picked up Art, one of our chapter members who was out riding by himself. We would be home in about six hours and have put about seven hundred miles on our bikes.  It was a great way to spend a weekend with our friends.