Another Busy Weekend - The Safety Harbor

Parade and the Lite Bike Ride

Saturday morning we assembled and rode as a group to the preparation area for the Safety Harbor Holiday Parade.  When we arrived at our designated location we found that we had been allocated an area about 15 by 30 feet to park 30 bikes, some with trailers in tow.  Fortunately we were able to work around this predicament. By the time the Parade started the skies had started to clear and we found it necessary to rid ourselves of the heavy attire we thought we would need.

The parade route was lined with many folks both young and old.  Everyone was in the holiday spirit and seemed to enjoy seeing our decorated bikes.

At the end of the parade route we grouped up and made preparations for our chapters Lit bike Ride which we would conduct that evening.  Some of us headed home in order to complete some last minute lighting effects on the bikes. Betty and Buzz offered to feed those that would like to stop by their home.

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As the afternoon turned into early evening we reassembled at the entrance of Park Royale.  We then headed south into some of the townhome communities in St. Petersburg.  We were greeted by many well wishes and happy faces.  Then we headed northward and made a quick tour through Candy Cane Lane, were we viewed the communities many well decorated homes. Again we headed northward and proceeded with our lighted bikes through Park Royale. Many of the park's occupants were standing outside and wished us holiday cheer as we passed by.  A quick stop at the community clubhouse gave us a chance to shed some outer garments as the anticipated cooler weather never materialized. At the clubhouse we enjoyed speaking with many of the communities residents and were told how much they enjoyed seeing our groups lighted bikes as we paraded through their community.

Following our parade though Park Royale we headed out into rural northern  Hillsborough County and the superb lighting display on Rawls Road.  Joseph Ayo the owner permits us to park our lighted bikes in among the display at his home. His display is definitely one that you need to view.   He has won the national first place award for his display.

Click here to view a video of his display

Click here for photos

After viewing this amazing display we headed back to Clearwater and a quick morning snack, as Saturday had turned into Sunday. As we passed the location were we had gathered for the parade Saturday morning, Rich commented that it was exactly 12 hours ago at that spot that we had started our day.

Tired, but content we head home. It had been a great day. Nice weather and lots of fun.

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