2007 Christmas Holiday Events

Friday Lighted bike Ride

Friday, December 14th started off our chapter lighted bike rides. As the sun set and the darkness set in about fifty members and twenty five bikes showed up just outside Park Royale to parade through the park. This year it seemed that everyone had their bikes, trailers and sidecars really decked out.  As we traveled through the park's streets we were welcomed with many cheerful Christmas wishes, smiles and waves. Both young and old really seemed to enjoy the lighted parade that we brought to them.   Following the parade we were invited to their community center were they had prepared a tremendous spread of goodies for us to sample.  We really appreciated their generosity and kindness following our ride through their community.

Upon eating more than what we should have we headed out to our next destination. Unfortunately, the weather started to turn ugly and the slight mist turned into a torrential downpour. Our parade quickly dispersed as each of us headed home so as to try to dry out for the next day's events.

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Saturday Mingle- Jingle & Lighted Parade

Saturday was predicted by our local weathermen to be a complete washout, but they didn't quite get it right.. Some of our members four wheeled it but many of our hearty members decided to ride their decorated bikes to Chapters FL1-S's rally in Zephyrhills for the annual Mingle Jingle event. Although the day was mostly overcast and very humid, but not a drop of rain fell on the event. Chapter S put on a terrific rally with games, music, raffles and vendors to entertain and spend our money on.  The meal that they provided was first class. The only complaint that was heard was " I ate too much !" Our chapter and it's members did very well by winning lots of awards and prizes. We won largest visiting chapter by having forty five members present. Mom and Pop Jackson won oldest rider/co-rider and our members also won lots of the prizes. Gary Miles won a cute tasseled leather purse and some money to put in it.  Sharon probably will have to report her winnings to the IRS !

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As the afternoon turned into evening, our members that decorated their bikes lined up for the annual Lighted bike parade and tour of Zepherhills. Prior to the parades start, the bikes are judged and trophies are awarded. Once again our chapter members did very well and earned many trophies. Check out our January newsletter for one of our members thoughts about this event.

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Here are additional pictures taken during the Christmas weekend lighted bike rides

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