Saturday's Ride to Lakeland's (FL2-L) Pirate Rally


Saturday morning turned out to be almost a perfect day for a good ride.  The morning was cool and clear with no rain predicted.  About twelve bikes gathered for our ride that morning and then we headed over to north Tampa and then eastward to Lakeland. 

Initially we started out on the back roads but realized that at the rate we were going the rally would be over before we got there.  So we hopped onto I-4 for about twenty-five minutes and headed for Lakeland.   Other than a few Oops turns, due to construction detours in downtown Lakeland, our ride was very nice.

Arriving a little later than we had planned, we found that about 450 other riders had thought the weather nice enough to make it to the rally too. The parking area was full to overflowing, but with a little luck we found a place for our bikes.

Chapter FL2-L put on a very nice rally with good games and many prizes.  We ate a hardy meal that they had prepared and then enjoyed the drawings and closing ceremonies.

Most of the chapter riders opted for a ride back through Brandon for a short stop for some fresh strawberry short cake. (You know it's really hard to pass up stopping for a good snack after riding by all those fields with the strawberries readied to be picked).

After having our fill, it was back on our bike and heading home time. It turned out to be a great day for a nice rally and an to put some miles on our bikes.

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