Mid-February Events

On Sunday, the week of February 11th started out with a ride across the bay to Apollo Beach and the TECO power plant.  It is here that the warm waters that exit the power plant attract the many manatee during the winter months.  Well in excess of 60 manatee could be seen in the waters below the viewing platforms.

Leroy manatee.JPG (91321 bytes)

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As Wednesday rolled around, it was parade time at the Florida State Fair in Tampa. Other than a bit breezy, the weather was very nice.  We had a good showing and everyone enjoyed the short parade and then took time to venture out to see what the fair had to offer.

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While waiting for the parade to begin, Jerry Costell parted with twenty-five dollars for an uplifting experience in a bungy style ride. I guess it was safe, as the owner accompanied Jerry.

S8000679.JPG (42173 bytes)

Finally, Saturday evening many of our members joined up for meal at the Lucky Dill in Palm Harbor. Following a good meal  we donned our chaps, heavy jackets, gloves and some turned on their heated riding attire.  It was about 55 degrees when we started and by the time we got inland and away from the warm waters of the gulf it got down to about 45 degrees.  It turned out to be a nice night for a ride. The cool weather necessitated a stop at the local Village Inn for some hot refreshments before we headed home. 

Wow what a week !

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