Doug Sweeney


     Our hearts are saddened at the loss of one of our chapter’s long  time members. Doug and his wife Cathy were among the original members of chapter FL1-M. The Doug  we  knew was  a  mild   mannered individual whom  you  couldn’t  possibly dislike. He had a heart of gold and always offered his help whenever anyone needed it. There was that little twinkle in his eyes when he offered a kidding comment. That and his unique dry sense of humor kept us on our toes. He loved to ride his bikes and probably  rode more  miles on them than anyone else in our chapter. In his travels he   truly   represented  our   chapter  and GWRRA.  He was a true   ambassador  for our   organizations.  The   many    good memories of the rides and events that we were priviliged  to   share  with  him  will certainly be cherished. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Cathy his wife and their family.

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Please click here for a video that Cathy and her sister have put together in honor of Doug.

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