Hobo Stew - Saturday Evening

Around 4 PM some of our chapter members gathered together for a brief co-rider course that was put on by Ron Jackson.

Following the training, our members gathered for a good ole fashion exercise in eating. Each member brought an ingredient of their choice to be added to the boiling cauldron of water and hence we contrived a concoction known as "a hobo stew". Other edible "sides" were brought in and our members were treated to a very filling evening meal.

While dessert was being served the DVD was turned on and we enjoyed a hilarious movie - Wild Hogs

panostew.JPG (389997 bytes)


And then for Sunday's activities, we headed out to Twedts Lanes in Largo.  Our members exhibited their bowling skills, which included gutter balls and dropped balls.  Tina and Jerry had a side bet going. It looks like Tina will be wearing a duck suit for the Florida District Rally next year.  Don, as I understand it, will contribute to his wife's loss by providing the duck eggs.

bowling1.jpg (341352 bytes)

And even the grandchildren got to try their hand at it!

gson.jpg (61194 bytes)

It turned out to be another enjoyable afternoon.


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