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January 05, 2008 

Mystery Ride 

     We had fourteen bikes, twenty-two people show up at McDonald’s for the first ride of the New Year.Buzz and Betty led our ride and it was a mystery right until the time we arrived at our destination. Slinger was a little concerned about Buzz as he was really quiet, no jokes or trivia. Buzz, we really miss your trivia, so more stories next time.  Betty, we really enjoy his humor.

     Gary’s brother in-law, Steve, joined us. We think he was a little sore by the time we reached our destination at 1:00pm.  Steve, we hope you will come out again and we promise a short ride next time.

     Brenda & Al were there until after lunch.  Brenda had convinced Al that she would have him home to watch the games. We sure hope it was a good game Al because we missed you.

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     Dwayne & Margie were out on their first ride this season and we had to remind him that in order to be in contact as the tail gunner you need to plug in your headset !!!

Gary was anxious to get home, as he had work that Jerri needed to be done. So, he and Steve set out for home after lunch.

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     This was really a leapfrog ride, as we could not find the Honda dealer in Leesburg, so we took turns leading. We have never done so many U turns and even then we had no idea where we were. No one knew that Champions Honda had moved. If they did, they did not remember. (Hmm, it seems that nobody checked out the last page of the newsletter-the editor).  I did hear Leroy say the first time we went through Leesburg that he saw the Honda shop but we ignored him (seems he was right).

     Lucy is back working at Champion Honda. She is the lady who was in a bad car accident a few years ago. It was good seeing that she came through all her serious injuries. She would like us to come back again soon.

     Evona was pleased with Pete’s new helmet, but she really wanted hot chocolate (you had to be there). Richard understood and just listened to her conversation. Bobby & Cliff looked over all the goodies on the wall, but decided that they had purchased enough at the last rally. Sue & Paul were instrumental in finding the second group when they got lost.

     Art must wonder if all our rides are this confusing, but I think he will be there for our next ride.

      Now you wonder where we went on this mystery ride- it was to Mascot, to the Rainbow Restaurant. Then we were off to Mount Dora, then to Champion Honda in Leesburg and from there to Dade City for dinner. Twelve hours and 300 miles and we were back home.  Not bad for the first ride of the New Year !

     Jack & Janet led us home, as we were all bushed. We still had seven bikes at 9:00pm.  

This report may seem a little mixed up, but it is nothing compared to the ride we had today.

We had a ball and can’t wait for the next ride. Only Chapter M has rides like this!!!!

 We did miss one thing. That was “Dennis & Jerry” (get it???).  If not, ask one of them.

 Cathy Sweeney

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