Saturday March 31, 2007

Ride to Ozella Florida

There were 18 bikes/tikes checked in at the 9 AM riders meeting.  Our destination today - a leisurely ride up through the rolling hills in the middle of the state then westward  to the Gulf of Mexico and then out through the miles of sawgrass to the Old Port Cove Restaurant.

The weather was absolutely beautiful. Temperatures in the 70 to 80 degree range and extremely low humidity.  Even our northern family members marveled on the weather conditions.

Our route took us up through mostly rural areas and with the Airfest Airshow going on at MacDill AFB in Tampa and the Honda Grand Prix going on in St. Petersburg this weekend, most of the traffic was well south of our route.

We arrived at the restaurant just before noon and the staff placed us in a large room by ourselves.  The service was top notch and the food was excellent. All the seafood was fresh, as the restaurant is supplied by local fishermen and even have their own tanks for where they raise the crabs.

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Fortunately we had the large room to ourselves. Buzz provided us with a song that he sung about his first date and Tracy... well lets just say Tracy was being Tracy. 

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Tracy can keep the Sloppy Pin Award even though he tried to cover it up!

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After having our fill, we mounted our bikes and headed back home. Once again we indulged ourselves with a ride through the rolling hills in the middle of the state. The narrow two lane roads with the overhanging oaks made our ride picture perfect. Gliding along at 40 to 50 mph through the hilly countryside was just what it must be like in Goldwing Heaven.

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It's just been another of those wonderful rides the members of FL1-M enjoy.

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