We know how to have fun

Gamble Mansion- Well maybe Micanopy Instead !

     Our chapter had scheduled a ride Saturday to the Gamble Mansion, located in Ellington, Florida.  Well the weather was absolutely perfect for a ride that would had taken us less than an hour..... so.... we unanimously decided that a longer ride was in the works for such a beautiful day.  Rather than heading south across the skyway, we decided that we would head up towards Ocala and Gainsville.  The illusive Micanopy, Florida would be our destination and of course there were ample back roads to make this an enjoyable ride. Twice before we attempted to make it to Micanopy but mother nature didn't cooperate, so we were deprived of finding the gems this small town had to offer.  Maybe today would be different.

     Even the normally heavy traffic in and around Clearwater was unusually light.  The traffic lights were cooperative and we were caught be very few that were red.  By the time we made our first pottie and hydration stop it was time to reduce our clothing by one layer.  It was apparent that we weren't the only bike riders headed out to enjoy such a beautiful day. Not a mile went by without passing two or three bikes and in some cases giving a wave to a group of 10 to 15 bikers getting ready to ride. 

  The flat roads turned into rolling hills as we made our way northward into Brooksville and Inverness.  It was almost noon time when we entered the city limits of Inverness.  Our leader Dennis,  suggested that we take time to grab a bite at one of the local Goldwing friendly dinning establishments.  His suggestion of the Rexal Drug store got the thumbs up.  It is one of the favorite stops we enjoy because of it's good food and "ole time" drug store atmosphere. 

     Upon arriving we found that we weren't the only GWRRA folks with the same idea.  There already was ten to twelve wings already in the parking lot.  As we entered, we were greeted by some of the folks from this areas local chapters who were taking a Road Captains course.  They were using a room in the rear of the drug store for their training.  The waitress did a super job of getting our orders right, even with the confusion Jerry tried to put on her. 

     Our tummies filled we jumped back on our bikes (figuratively speaking) and headed further northward toward Dunnellon. The highway had been recently paved which make for a smooth ride as we made our way over the beautiful hilly countryside.  Traffic was still very light and it seemed that there were as many bikes on the road as there were cars. Our riding team became separated by a traffic light that had changed causing  the tail gunner to stop.  Once the light had turned green and he proceeded, a little old lady with silver hair managed to pull in between him and the rest of our group.  She wasn't going to risk receiving a speeding citation so she kept her speed ten miles per hour below the posted 45 mph speed.  A few miles down the road she found the road she was looking for and our tail gunner gradually caught the rest of the group. 

     About three miles from Dunnellon a voice on the CB crackled "I've got a problem and am going to stop !"   Protocol calls for the tail gunner to pull over to provide assistance while the remaining riders continue to a safe location.  That's great if the tail gunner isn't if  one having the problem.  Fortunately there wasn't any traffic in our immediate area so the other bikes pulled off onto the road and walked back to see what the problem was.  Tires are suppose to be round - especially motorcycle tires. Unfortunately Jerry had a rear tire that was flat on the bottom. 

     After checking out what might have cause the tire to go flat - and finding nothing, the next step was to get the bike and sidecar to a facility to have it fixed.  Standing on the side of the road we called the area Honda shops.  They were open but because the tire was an automotive type (due to the sidecar) they were unwilling to repair it.  They suggested having the unit towed to local automotive tire repair facility.  After a short discussion we decided that wouldn't be a good idea. 

     Rescue Plus to the rescue.  Initially we contacted Rescue Plus to have the unit towed to the local Honda shop but after a brief discussion contacted them to have the bike towed back to a local trike shop in Clearwater where the work could be done correctly. I suppose that tow requirements should happen at intersections so that an exact location can be give as to were the disable vehicle is located.  Giving GPS coordinates  and two miles south of Dunnellon doesn't happen to be anywhere close to a street sign. Fortunately after some discussion we were able to convince them of our location and a tow truck showed up a short while later.  Even with this glitch, Rescue Plus did an excellent job of meeting our needs.  We were 98 miles from the repair shop, just two miles short of the mileage limit.

     Fortunately we had a few empty seats so Jerry's wife hitched a ride back to the repair shop on one of the other bikes in the group.  Jerry got to ride in the big truck with the driver.  The elderly lady who slowed up Jerry was probably the waitresses sister who made the tire go flat and got him back  at him.  Micanopy is still illusive, so we'll have to plan another ride there.


  Rescue Plus, yes I need help.                                      What's in this cup Jerry ?

     How many screws did you find ?                                         I need help ! 
               A Piggy back ride back home               Dennis, Jerry seems to enjoy riding with you !