Chapter M Lighted Bike Display for 2009 Holidays


Chapter FL1-M in Clearwater, Florida has a tradition of decorating our bikes for the various events that we participate in during the Christmas Holiday Season. Initially our decorations were tinsel and stuffed teddy bears or Christmas objects that we secured to our bikes. Eventually we found that we could mount small strips of Christmas lights which were powered by flashlight batteries. However now that the technology has improved, we have found that we can power hundreds of lights, which are steady glowing or multi-flashing, off of our 12 DC batteries. Not only do we now have the bikes well lit with lights, but we also use animated objects and music as part of our moving bike displays - all from our bike battery or a secondary automotive style battery that we place somewhere on our trailers or other locations.

Each year we are requested to drive through local area communities to display our bikes. Additionally, we visit the local VA hospital and centers established for needy families in hopes that our lights will help brighten up the lives for those less fortunate. The response that we receive when we are on the roadways to the destinations that we set out for is amazing. The "Merry Christmas", "That is Awesome !" and those that honk their horns and wave as we pass are just a little bit of the reception that we get. I suppose you might say that is the way we hope to spread just a little holiday cheer.

The linked video below was taken recently during one of our rides through a local community where we were treated to some holiday snacks as we passed through. In all that evening we had 22 bikes. 1500's, 1800's, a SilverWing and a Valkyrie - and all the lights, automated figures and sounds were powered from the bikes.

Click here to view our Bike Display (Video)

Click here for Photo of bikes

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