Fight 93   Shanksville, Pa.

This summer some members of  our chapter visited the grassy countryside near Shanksville, Pa., the crash site of Flight 93. A trememdous amount of attention has been directed toward the horrific distruction that took place on 9/11 when the two aircraft, flown by the men representing all the evil in mankind, crashed into the World Trade Center Twin Towers. Even as that event was unfolding another simular situation was occuring, the hijacking of United Airlines flight 93. In a heroic effort to overpower the hijackers, forty three passangers and crew lost their lives that morning.   It is at this location that a temporary memorial has been set up to honor hero's of that flight. Not far from the site itself , in somerset county, is a small chapel that is dedicated to those hero's. It is a wonderful tribute to those hero's

The following pictures were provided by Doug and Cathy Sweeney

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