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Modulating Headlights
Click on the text to the left to view and print the documents that relate to the Federal and Florida State laws that permit the legality of the modulating headlights. (keeping a copy of these documents on your bike may help you in case a officer stops you and isn't aware of their legality.)
High Occupancy Vehicle

According to Title 23, Section 166 of the United States Code (23 USC 166), vehicles carrying two or more passengers may travel in an HOV lane during restricted hours.  Federal regulation specifies the following as vehicles that are exempt from the occupancy requirement:

           Motorcycles.  Federal regulation states under HOV passenger requirements, “motorcycles shall not be considered single occupant vehicles”. This bill clarifies that motorcycles and public transportation vehicles will be allowed to use an HOV lane during restricted hours.  Just a note here ... A few of the large cities (ie NYC) is ignoring the federal law and has written motorcyclists tickets for using HOV lanes.  


























 Anti Lock Braking Systems....An Eye Opener


The reality of ABS systems on motorcyles.