Region A Rally, Dothan Alabama


     With no potential hurricans on the horizon,  off we went to the Region A Rally in Dothan, Alabama. It was about  350 miles to Dothan and it took about 8 or so hours to get there. Unfortunately we couldn't get away from the fact that September is still summer in Florida and it's also  that time of the year for love bugs. Six AM sounded like a good time to start out in order to get ahead of the heat of the day and  before the love bugs could warm up enough to become airborne.

     Actually it was really nice riding - until we got north of the Bay area, just south of Homosassa.   The sun hadn't quite made it up over the horizon, so we decided to make an unscheduled stop... in order to put on our light jackets. It was actually  COLD.. 66 degrees !

     We continued up through Homosassa, Crystal River, Chiefland, Old Town, Perry and then Thomasville, Bainridge and finally Dothan.  The ride was very pleasant as it was mostly four lane devided highway though the rual areas of Florida, Georgia and Alabama. The posted speed limits were 55 and in some areas 65. Traffic was light and other than the necessary "relief" stops,  the journey was unevenful.

     Upon arriving at the Rally host hotel, we found the hotel staff extremely pleasant and helpful, as they were for the entire event. Kudos  to the entire staff of the Holiday Inn - Dothan.

     Friday we picked up our rally packs and filled out the tickets and game prize coupons.  We signed up for some of the chapter contests and checked out the numerous seminars that were being conducted.  It was enjoyable to watch the different events that took place over the next two days.  Here are a few pictures and if you go the the bottom of this page you can view many more pictures.


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We won second place in the chapter "T"shirt contest.

Pam Lantz won first place -Best in Show


1st Place 1800 Show class.

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Pete and Evona won Second place in the 1800 Show class.

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Maxine and Jim Jackson (almost 90 !) won the best dressed costume contest.

We also helped out with the region games, checked out the vendors and participated in the chapter challenge.

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Of course there was always time for Eating !

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Hey, don't forget about the lighted bike parade, and the talent show.

Meet our newest member urr.... hummm.. what !

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He.. no she.. actually got second place in the best fix-him to her upper contest. Oh boy what do we have here ?

And finally, after closing ceremoies we walked next door to a real Mexican restaurant, where we had a great meal and miss Betty got a surprise from our waiter.

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Oh well, another great year at the Region A Rally and we looking forward to next year at Eufaula, Alabama.

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