A Goldwing with a Story

     Curtis Palmore attended Wing Ding 33 in Knoxville this year with a mission in mind. It seems that he wanted to replace his beautifully muraled 1500 Goldwing with something a little newer. It was at Wing Ding 33 where a new 2012 Goldwing caught his eye.  The Honda dealer that brought it to the event had repainted the bike from its factory tri-color scheme to a solid factory blue.  Although the dealer hadn't considered selling the bike at Wing Ding, Curtis "persuaded" him to separate himself from it.
     The new 2012 shape lent  itself into placing the murals that Curtis had in mind. Besides, three rows over from where the new bike was parked was Chris Cruz a artisan known for his superb artwork.  Chris had done the murals on Curtis's 1500 and this was an opportunity that couldn't be passed up.
     Eight weeks later, on September 8, 2011 Curtis rolled his bike out of Chris's shop and headed home - and to a kick tire our chapter was having that evening.  Below are the images on his bike and trailer. Click on them to expand them.  Unfortunately the clear coat is so nicely done that it generated a reflection when the photos were taken.

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