Chapter "M"'s

25th Anniversary Celebration & Charity Fundraiser

Although the inclement weather that caused a number of deaths in central Florida still persisted , the skies over our rally location were free of rain. To their credit, we had a number of riders arrive on their bikes and many others that opted to join us using four wheels.  Our friends came from as far away as chapter C -Canada. We would like to express our appreciation to our GWRRA family members in joining us for this event. For those that didn't attend, you missed a lot of fun.

All our chapter members expended a lot of effort to make this a successful event, and that is was.

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We had the band "Crackers" provide us with great live music for dancing, sing-a-longs and listening.

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There were a great assortment of games to try your hand at, and lots of very nice prizes.  Also, were two overhead slide shows going on. Photos of past and present could be viewed.

View over 200 slides here - give it time to load !

View another 100 or so slides - it also takes time.

And some more slides

And even more

We had a number of vendors that provided us with the opportunity to purchase those "much needed" items for our bikes.

Nine chapters participated in our chapter challenges. Those who watched  were treated with lots laughs and entertaining situations.

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The "Pink Pedal Pushers" put on their complex group maneuvers.

We were also treated by having the nation's top motorcycle drill team, The Central Florida Drill Team, do two demonstrations using their Goldwings and Harley's.

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Want to see a 3 minute clip of their demonstration -  then click here

We filled our tummies with some spaghetti and meat sauce, bread, salad, a beverage and a good choice of deserts.   There wasn't a complaint to be heard, other than a few of our members having the pleasure of wearing the sloppy pin - that meat sauce really show's up well on our chapter attire.

In closing, our chapter director received a gift for the chapter.. we were blessed with the "hot potato".

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Many great prizes were distributed.  Two sets of tires, large gift certificates to regional dealerships, electronics, helmets, jackets, rainsuits and many other valuable prizes.

In all it was a fun event. We were able to get together with former chapter members and have a great time. 

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